DISCLAIMER: This is an ever-evolving monster. We make every effort to keep this guide up-to-date but ,fortunately and unfortunately, the world of fermented beverages changes almost daily. Laws are altered, science progresses, tastes change, and long-buried histories are uncovered - changing everything we thought we knew (about who invented the cocktail, for instance). Add that to the rampant misinformation sometimes (and sometimes quite often) disseminated by bartenders and sommeliers (and even brewers, distillers, and winemakers) both in conversation and in print (don't get me started on John Tafner) and the chance of us getting all things right for all time becomes very slim. If you notice a discrepancy please (kindly) let us know. This guide should not be taken as gospel (and certainly not as exhaustive), nor should practically anything else written on the subject of alcohol.

Learn what you can. Drink the rest.