Our very first episode of Drunk Cooking! The video series where we show you a simple cooking technique and the best way to get drunk while doing it (**ahem**...a "pairing," if you will). Because the more you eat the more you’re allowed to drink!

We toast to Antoine Amédée Peychaud, standing in front of the storefront that in 1830 housed his apothecary shop. It was then that he created his namesake bitters, key ingredient to the sazerac and countless other legendary New Orleans cocktails. Mssr. Peychaud, this B...

Are you a working creative who is feeling depleted/robotic/uninspired? Yeah, we've been there.

Here's the (well, a) solution: Grab your camera/paintbrush/drone/guitar/notebook/etc. and go outside. The actual location is less important than the fact that it is simply out...

A quick primer on one of our favorite discoveries from Cuba. Just cracked open our last bottle :(

Guess we gotta go back!

Been to Cuba? What was your favorite thing?

Want to go? Hit us up for some helpful advice!

We spent a whole sweltering summer in Vegas once. Why? Because RV parks are dirt cheap in the off season and we were in the area. Also, ya know, it's Vegas. We were curious.

We did find the off-strip, seedy underbelly we were looking for (i.e., don't go to Vegas without...

Please consider voting for us for the Cancun CEO position. If you are unfamiliar, the job entails traveling around Cancun, having adventures, staying in luxury resorts, and documenting it all to promote travel to Cancun. Oh, and all expenses are paid. Oh, and it pays $...

Why we think it will work:

Branden: PX sherry is so thick and rich it’s practically a syrup. It’s often drizzled over vanilla ice cream (which is drool infinity). Snow cones are the next logical step, yeah (they’re more portable)? Also, I’ve never really cared for snow...

Back in February (just after we returned from Cuba) we had a few days to kill in Miami. We had heard rumors of a "community" of homes built one mile off the coast of Miami in order to evade prohibition laws. Naturally, we investigated and found these rumors to be (more...

Why we thought it would work:

Lauren: Bourbon and s’mores share soooo many flavors—chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, molasses, toast, etc. Bourbon is also, generally speaking, a bit on the sweeter side so that doesn’t hurt (we are pairing with dessert here). I think though...

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