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Road Notes: Day 110

Today was relatively uneventful—of course, since this is the first travelogue (all prior “road notes” will be transcribed and back-dated from the physical “road notes” notebook Lauren has kept since we hit the road). We’ve been discussing a travelogue for a while now (originally based on the suggestion of a reader) but all the ‘eventful’ days have been too busy. Funny how that works.

Lauren woke up early and drove into town to acquire a permit for our current campsite. We’ve been camping without one for about a week but a minor altercation with some fellow campers finally scared us straight (we eventually made up with said campers and all shared a pot of gumbo). Anyhow, Lauren wanted to be there when the ranger office opened. While she was in town she dropped into the local Y for a quick—and unauthorized—workout and shower (we cancelled our memberships last month but no out-of-state location ever bothers to check).

I, on the other hand, stuck around the campsite and mapped out our schedule for the coming week. I also finished Wayne Curtis’ book on rum (we interview him on Wednesday), and started compiling an interest list for Austin, TX (which we depart for on the 12th). Just before the sun set I took a long jog in the woods which mainly involved me stopping every few steps to take another picture. Louisiana is beautiful and I am sad that we will be leaving so soon.

Lauren tossed a meatloaf in our tiny oven about 30 minutes ago and the camper smells incredible. We just opened a bottle of wine—a Chilean Cabernet from Trader Joe’s* and I think some Twin Peaks might be on the horizon. Like I said, uneventful, but very pleasant. Here’s to more uneventful days. Cheers.


*Say what you will but whenever we are in screaming distance of a TJ’s we stock up for the ‘everyday’ (i.e., $200 worth of $5-$10 bottles of wine). They have unbeatable deals on perfectly good wine and when you consume as much wine as we do those dollars add up. Don’t forget: it’s old grape juice. Every cork pop doesn’t haven’t to signal a milestone in your drinking life.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day.

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