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Road Notes: Day 111

We have two vices: booze and breakfast. Although we have been at our current camp for a week, we have yet to hit up any nearby diners. When I was running errands yesterday, I scoped out a few promising leads. After our morning ritual of coffee and reading (him: “Amaro” by Brad Thomas Parsons, me: "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood), we decided to brunch. The Donut Hole was unfortunately closed for the day, and the Mid City Diner (with the most amazing mid-century sign) was closed permanently. Well, at least we can always depend on Waffle House.

We explored the town of Laplace a bit. Apparently it is the “Andouille Capital of the World”, which was quickly proven to be true. We passed a handful of shops dedicated solely to Andouille, and their smokers were throwing up some delightful smells. Putting a pin in that. We need to return and stock up.

We refilled our drinking water and got a few supplies aka Branden bought more Dickies* shirts. Soon he will own one in every color. But damn if he doesn’t look goooooood in them.

We arrived back home and worked on some writing. It’s raining, cloudy, and grey. It only seems appropriate to spend the day writing and drinking tea when it is this gloomy. Since we decided to publish the Road Notes, I am working on typing up the past 100 something days worth of travel adventures. It’s going to take some time…

Currently sipping on some El Dorado 12 year, debating what to have for dinner. Tomorrow we hit the town with Wayne Curtis. Better get a good night’s rest.


*If anybody knows a brand manager from Dickie’s, please contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day.

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