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Road Notes: Day 116

We’ve had so many long days in New Orleans. We wake up, we hit the road, we visit several bars, restaurants, monuments, points of interest...we stay out all day, walking everywhere.

There are two reasons for this.

  1. Our campsite is less than 30 mins to the heart of New Orleans, so it is easy to get into the city

  2. New Orleans is insanely cool

On our exploits thus far, we haven’t really been able to find a long-term, free campsite that was this close to a major city. I am truly thankful that we found such a convenient place to stay. I have also never felt such a gravitational pull from a city before (maybe LA?) It seems that no matter how many times we walk down Decatur St or through the French Quarter or wherever, we constantly find little places that we didn’t notice before that are probably 250 years old and are just begging to be explored. Or maybe we talk to a bartender that says, “Oh…you HAVE to go to ___.” New Orleans was the US city that I was most excited about visiting. We have certainly been taking full advantage of our time here.

However, I am exhausted. Being a bit of an introvert (and definitely Branden as well) means that I need some alone, down-time to regenerate. We have been here for two weeks and have not stopped.

Today we stopped.

We read. We watched an episode of Twin Peaks. We ate breakfast. We made more coffee. We watched more Twin Peaks. We caught up on life and other responsibilities and just didn’t move for a while. It was much needed.

Important things were accomplished. We researched where we were going to be staying in Austin. When we stayed in DuPuis campground in Florida, we met Pat and Al, an awesome older couple that spends their winters traveling in their van. She gave us a heads up to stay at Camp Creek Recreational Area when we head into Texas. It looks great (aka free) but is an hour outside of Austin. I found a number of cheap campsites closer to the city, but with SXSW, they are all booked. I was able to get us a week at Emma Long Metro Park. It will be the first time in months that we have paid for a campsite (and as a result have been connected to electric and water). The little joys of full time RVers.

I woke up this morning with an insatiable craving for Olive Garden’s salad dressing. Say what you will about them, they have a killer salad dressing. We haven’t been to a movie theater in quite some time, so we decided to catch Get Out after hearing so many positive reviews. Lo and behold there was an Olive Garden in the same parking lot as the movie theater. Divine intervention? Have I been a good girl? What did I do to deserve this fate?

After pounding an entire Tour of Italy and a few moscato cocktails (haha jk I have standards and drank the Chianti), we crawled next door to the movies. There were just as many previews as there were PSAs saying, “don’t be an awful human, put your phone away during the movie.” Branden joked that phone usage during movies is never really a problem, but that the chatty group of 15 high school girls in the corner better check themselves when the movie starts. Oh Branden, you silly man. He jinxed it. The movie starts, and everybody….EVERYBODY is on their damn phone. The guy next to us. The guy in front of us. The lady front and center of the theater. The girls won’t stop talking. The crowd laughs and talks during intense moments (kina scary movie…ruins the mood). It was terrible. The girls are eventually hushed and most people put their phone down. But the lady in the center is checking her Instagram. Texting. Sending Facebook messages. I can see everything she is doing because she is holding her phone up high enough for the world to see, with a fully lit screen. I know Branden is losing his shit. He eventually goes to the bathroom, and mentions to her on his way out, “your phone is extremely bright.” I'm not sure I would have been so polite. She and her family were not happy. They all start looking at me and talking, so I wave, and she yells, “bitch.” She doesn’t put her phone down, or turn down the brightness. It is obvious that she is being obstinate at this point. An employee eventually calls her out, and she puts the damn phone away. Movies are expensive. Who pays $12 to get into a theater and then look at their phone the whole time? Some people just ain’t got no sense.

The fact that a lady and her cell phone in the movie theater were the most noteworthy thing that happened today is amazing. This was truly an uneventful, boring, relaxing, and much needed day of nothing exciting. We’ll be back at it tomorrow.


Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day.

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