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Road Notes: Day 119

Goodbye, New Orleans.

We have definitely surpassed our two week allotment at this free campsite. It is going to be difficult to leave. It was certainly love at first sight with this town. I definitely feel like I could stay here for a while. Maybe not forever, but for a while. The only thing making the farewell bearable is the excitement for Austin, and certainly for Taos as well. Has Branden announced his big news yet? Should I tell you what we are doing for the month of April? I don’t feel like it’s my place to give away this news. I’ll let Branden share…hang tight.

We woke up and got ready to sneak in one last work out/shower at the local shall-not-be-named gym (…or did Branden already give away my secrets?) Branden got hit with a massive head ache (new contacts prescription) and ended up staying home to pack us up/watch movies. Both equally as important.

I ran some pretty boring/necessary errands. Gassed us up. Picked up some Ojen (read Road Notes 114), worked out, and showered. A long, hot, spacious shower.

We needed air in our tires. Our massive truck needs 80 psi in the rear tires. Little known fact…most -new- gas station air machines only go to 65 psi. So after paying to let air out of our tires, I found the oldest looking air machine I could find. I had literally one dollar to my name. It didn’t even fill up one of the tires. I actually had to go to an ATM to get cash...for air.

Which brings me to a Nola travel tip. If you go to New Orleans, just expect that most places worth visiting will be cash only. I never use cash for anything (travel rewards credit cards…amirite?). But this trip demanded several trips to an ATM which is infuriating to me. So come prepared. Load up on cash for beignets, drinks, and the best hole-in-the-wall food joints.

I got back to our campsite with Raising Cane’s chicken in tow. Hey…it is our last hoorah. We finished packing up to hit the road. We have been lugging around this weight distribution system which we have had 5084 problems installing since we bought it. We really wanted to get it up and running before we hit the road today, but you have to be on perfectly flat land. Our campsite is not. At all. We decided to drive for a few hours tonight and then find a rest stop somewhere to crash. Hopefully said rest stop will be on level ground, and we can make the necessary installations in the morning.

Leaving behind Louisiana is sad. Goodybe frozen daiquiris. Goodbye slot machines inside every bar and gas station. Goodbye delicious food. Goodbye swampy bayous covered in Spanish moss. Goodbye Nola accent, which I still haven't found the rhythm of. And goodbye to the nicest collective group of people that I have ever met. Damn, New Orleanians are friendly.

We drove for about 2 or 3 hours and found one of the few and far between rest stops in East Texas. A few swigs of wine straight from the bottle, and we floated into our welcoming bed.


Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day.

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