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Road Notes: Day 120

Another day, another state. Texas! Yeehaw.

A Texas rest stop, that is. Could be worse.

Sitting in one place and not moving for a prolonged period of time really takes it out of you. We both slept surprisingly well. In the morning, Branden immediately got to work on trying to install our weight distribution. We have a pretty big, powerful truck. Our trailer isn’t that heavy. But when we attach the trailer on to the hitch, it usually lowers the truck about three inches. You don’t want it to move more than an inch and a half. Since we are doing this full time, we decided we should do it right. We got this weight system on Amazon (for a steal!) about two months ago. It’s been such a pain and have had so many problems installing it. We eventually realized that we need an extra long hitch. Now that we have that, it should be ok. With a little bit of frustration, Branden eventually got the thing in just the right place.

We hit the road. We listened to This American Life. We listened to Wine for Normal People. We listened to the Guild of Sommeliers podcast. Very grateful to be living in the age of podcasts. As much as I love music, sometimes you need something different. We listen to many, many podcasts on the road.*

In the middle-of-nowhere Texas, we pulled up for gas. It looked like a truck stop. What is this place? Branden, who loves truck stops, was immediately disappointed. This couldn’t be a truck stop. It looks like a grocery store. Boy were we mistaken. This is where good truckers go when they die. Buc-ee's. The jackpot of truck stops. Probably 70 gas pumps. Grocery carts. Barbecue station. Fresh cooked pralines. Every. Candy. Ever. $2000 smoker grills. Jerky buffet. In-house bakery. Leather jackets. Camping gear. Massage parlor (jk but wouldn’t have been surprised). We probably spent an hour there. It was such a bizarre place.

Begrudgingly, we climbed back in Marge and hit the road. We made it to our site at Camp Creek in Marble Falls, but arrived far after dark. We like the open roads that the night time provides, but it is disappointing not being able to see the scenery. On the flip side, it is sometimes a nice surprise waking up the next day and being surrounded by all the beauty that the darkness had hidden from sight. We'll just have to wait and see what this place is like.


*Please share your favorite (especially booze related) podcasts! Always looking for new things.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day.

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