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Road Notes: Day 121

We got in after dark last night and just kinda parked wherever so this morning we got up and (after coffee, obvs) surveyed the site for a better location. Apparently the spot that we had accidentally stumbled upon in the dark was about as good as it got. We moved a few feet forward to get away from the gravel path and re-angled a bit so that the morning sun didn’t hit our bedroom straight on but other than that we pretty much stayed put.

Once we got situated Lauren drove into town to do some laundry and go grocery shopping while I unpacked and set up our site. I wanted to explore the area a little so I went for a jog and came back with a thousand pictures of wildflowers. We landed in town at the perfect time. The bluebonnets are in full bloom and they smell intoxicatingly good. Found a great place for us to have a picnic tomorrow.

We’ll only be here for the next couple nights, then we’re moving to a Metropark much closer to Austin (only about 20-30min drive). I want to take advantage of the place while we can though. Can’t believe it’s free.

Lauren got back a little before dark and we decided to have a quiet night indoors. NOLA really took it out of us. We had a can of Manwich in the back of our pantry (that we had originally purchased for a Daring Pairing—more on that later) and Lauren had broke down and purchased a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese at the store (a weakness of hers). We decided to give in to our humble roots for the night (mostly, we still had a nice Chianti) and make an easy dinner and watch some Twin Peaks and hit it early.


P.S. Apparently Lauren mentioned recently that we’re doing something special for the month of April but she kept it secret. Well, it’s not really a big deal but I’ll be attending Earthship Biotecture Academy in Taos, NM for all of April—learning to build completely off-the-grid housing. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Our hope is to some day, in the nearish future, purchase a parcel of land in the desert (maybe Joshua Tree or Texas) and eventually put a house on it. Everywhere we travel this is in the back of our mind. We’re window shopping.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar.

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