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Road Notes: Day 124

I’m really loving our new campsite. Although we aren’t as secluded as we have been at boondocking sites, there are some luxuries here (electric/water hook ups) that are a nice change of pace…and it is gorgeous. This morning we relaxed and worked, and in the early afternoon went for a jog along the water. There were so many people picnicking, grilling, swimming, boating, etc. I love to see people enjoying this space. Our national parks and forests are one of our greatest resources and are truly there for us to use.

Along our jog, we finally found some pecans. Turns out that the trees at Camp Creek and most of the trees here are pecan trees, they just aren’t in bloom right now. I found a few and damn were they good. I might die now from eating them? Worth it.

We debated going into Austin today but decided to enjoy our campsite a bit more and get some work done. After the run, we put on our bathing suits and worked on ridding ourselves of our tan lines. We brought some hefty wine books and a blanket to the shoreline and soaked up the sun. There are the craziest looking ducks here. They are huge and have rings around their eyes. The feathers are striking colors and they have fuzzy little heads. There is also some kind of mocking bird here. It looks like a big black crow, but they make the strangest noises, like car alarms and engines starting up. I know there are supposed to be tarantulas and rattle snakes around these parts. I’m ok staying in the company of these birds instead.

The showers here are more like beach showers than shower showers. There is no door and you constantly have to push a button to keep the water flowing. I was fortunate that while showering yesterday, nobody came in. This time I learned my lesson and showered in my bathing suit. This was a good move. Three women and their five children came into the shower area and the kids kept walking in to my stall. That could have been really embarrassing.

A bottle of Gavi, a record on the record player, and Branden making us tuna steaks for dinner. A pretty enjoyable way to pass the evening. (The wine could have been better. It was fine with the fish, and I typically adore Gavi, but this was just…eh.) We cleaned up, talked about our plans for tomorrow, and went to bed.

Tomorrow we explore Austin. Tacos, barbecue, repeat.


Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar.


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