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Road Notes: Day 126

Had a bit of a late one last night so we didn’t craw out of bed until around 11. We then took some time for the obligatory coffee/reading and then got prepped to give Austin another shake. I jogged to the showers this morning (an unusually long distance away, we usually drive) to try and work off some of the previous night’s indiscretions.

And then, naturally, breakfast at Whataburger (can a local help out on this, are y’all saying “water burger?”). First time. Impressed but wouldn’t put it in the same class as In-N-Out or even Five Guys (excellent service though). Excited to try some of these mom-and-pop burger joints that dot the landscape though.

We then went into town and found parking near Spider House (another place we’ve heard a lot about), where we planned to have a coffee and do some work. First though we had to explore the hip-ass neighborhood. We dropped into a very small but very cool Army-Navy surplus store and left with bunch of patches, a toy gun that shoots suction cup darts, and an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) with which to do a wine pairing (we consulted Lauren’s brother, an Afghan War Marine Veteran, before we chose).

We then, reluctantly, dropped into Buffalo Exchange (b/c we're fucking helpless). We didn’t have time to shop for clothes so I set a fifteen minute timer. We stayed for two hours and left with quite a haul (I got an incredible pair of Red Wing boots). Austin, imma add ‘vintage clothes’ to your list of things you got going for you.

Finally, we made it to Spider House. By this point the place was starting to buzz (Spider House is a coffee shop/bar/club/ballroom/food truck emporium/etc., it’s huge and highly recommended) as they were setting up for pub trivia. I grabbed a dirty horchata (I’m going through a phase, it’s fine) and Lauren grabbed a shot of espresso and a Lone Star (which she calls an “improved boilermaker”) and we grabbed a table outside in the hope of finally getting a little something accomplished.

Round about 9pm we headed just next door to Ruby’s BBQ for dinner. Franklin’s and La Barbecue are the two celebrities in town but as such you can expect to wait for several hours to get a meal. Life’s too short and we’ve heard from numerous locals that you can get nearly as good if not just as good bbq at plenty of other places in the city. Ruby’s, apparently, was just one such of those places. I can’t compare it to Franklin’s or La Barbecue but it was damn damn damn good, especially the brisket. We need to get a full day in tomorrow so we hit the trail early and are now tucked in for the night.

Maybe rodeo tomorrow?


Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar. Deal with it.

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