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Road Notes: Day 135

I would estimate that it’s been almost three weeks since we’ve done laundry. We have been go-go-go for such a long time, exploring really interesting place. Taking the time for boring life maintenance has not been a priority. We settled down in Taos just in time. This is my last clean pair of underwear. Branden stayed at home and prepared himself for tomorrow's first day of class, gathering his tools, finding his lunchbox, picking out the perfect outfit…the usual. I loaded up the truck with pounds of dirty laundry and headed into town. I arrived at the Pinch-Penny laundromat (which is pretty darn cute, for a laundromat), and hauled in the laundry in three trips. I found 5 washers all next to each other and loaded them up. Doing laundry at laundromats is definitely one of my least favorite parts of being on the road. It is expensive. The washers usually smell bad. The machines eat your money. But! They are efficient. Five loads at once is not bad. I set the washers off and went across the street for coffee. When I returned, both of the employees and an adorable kid were all around my washers, mopping up water. I assumed somebody has spilled something, but of course not. I broke it, per usual. Technically it wasn’t my fault. Too many washers running at once caused the drain to overfill. I felt terrible and offered to help clean it all up. Getting off to a great start in our new town. Making friends all over the place.

After extensive time at the laundromat, I went to the grocery store. Ok. Taos. I understand you are remote, but your shit is expensive. Gas is $2.39. (Non-RV park) rent is about $1400 (I’ve been told). And your groceries are outrageous. $7 for a pack of strawberries? Ugh. This is a hippie town. Might start dumpster diving. Probably would fit in better. I figured shopping at the Whole Foods knock-off might be the problem, and headed to a more generic looking grocery where things improved slightly.

On the way home I swear I passed three hitchhikers. 3. That was my first, second, and third time legitimately seeing hitchhikers on the side of the road in America. This place is truly stuck in the 60s. And honestly, I would have picked one of them up, but the truck is packed to the brim with laundry.

I got home and it started to hail. It is cold and dark and windy. We decided to curl up with a cup of coffee, some cherry pie, and watch some Twin Peaks in bed. Branden starts class tomorrow and will not have a day off for the next seven days. I want to get as much time with him as I can.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar. Deal with it.

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