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Road Notes: Day 136

Today was my first day at the Earthship Biotecture Academy. I tried to play it cool but I was giddy. I’ve wanted to attend for years and it’s honestly a little surreal that I’m actually here now. Today was a simple meet and greet/orientation/tour but I came home talking a mile a minute about what I had seen and the people I met. The other students are incredible. Many of them have travelled to the US just to attend. Nearly all of them were professionals (environmental engineers, contractors, nurses with the W.H.O., etc.) in a past life. All of them are incredibly passionate and inspiring individuals. Nearly half are female.

Anyhow, I’m sure I’ll talk a lot more about Earthship over the next few weeks. Lauren will probably be handling most of the Road Notes though (and, in fact, most of the blog) as I will be mostly preoccupied. I have noticed a glut of breweries in this part of the state however so we’ll have to do some exploring there. Unfortunately I only have one day off per week but we’ll make it work.

Tomorrow is my first lecture. On Monday we begin building. Between then and now I really need to purchase some proper cold weather weasel wear (Son In Law? Anyone? No?). I was not anticipating the legitimately low temps and biting wind up here in the mountains (b/c dumb). In fact, as I type this it is snowing. The worst part about all of this is that I just bought several pairs of really dope shorts in Austin :( Guess I can always wear them around the camper. Look out for several fashion show stories coming soon to our Instagram. I also just purchased no less than three (3) cowboy hats to keep what I assumed would be the oppressive desert sun off my face. The cold notwithstanding the sun is still oppressive (and dangerous) but this damn wind would blow them right off my head and into a gorge. Gonna have to get a lame safari hat with a chin strap or something. Maybe a parasol. Guess I can always wear the cowboy hats around the camper. See above note about imminent Instagram stories.

Complaining aside, we really love it here. It’s one of the most enchanting landscapes we’ve encountered so far and the inclement weather has (annoyingly) only added to its beauty. Pictures pictures pictures pictures coming soon. Right now we’re just enjoying.

That’s all folks.


Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar. Deal with it.

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