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Road Notes: Day 137

Before coming to Taos, we checked the average temperatures for the month of April. It looked like the overnight lows could get below freezing, but during the day was usually in the 50s. It’s the desert. That stuff happens. I’ve been to Albuquerque to visit family. I know what New Mexico is like. Taos is not New Mexico. Taos is more like Colorado. At this altitude (7000 ft above sea level), it is a whole new world. Branden and I are both still adjusting to the side effects of altitude changes. When I lived in Kenya, I lived in the Kilungu Hills. This was not what you think of when imagining typical Africa. It was cold, rainy, and very foggy. It was the highest elevation I ever lived, at 1500 ft. But now. This. This is a completely different animal. Shortness of breath. Headaches. Intense fatigue. I feel like a wimp.

Taos is known for it’s extreme weather. It is so dry and dehydration is common. The summers get into the 110s. The winters, well below zero. Monsoons. Droughts. They have it all. It is why Earthship is located here. They want to be able to create self-sustaining homes in every type of environment. They do a lot of ‘experimental’ builds, improving and creating new technology that they can apply any place in the world. I knew this place would be a change of pace, but I don't think I knew just how much different it would be. Altitude sickness usually wears off in a fews days. Here’s to hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

Branden had his first day of class yesterday. Today they actually worked on some construction. He was pretty unprepared for the cold. The only outdoor outfitter store was already closed by the time we got into town, so we went to a sporting good store to at least get warm work boots. Afterwards, we stopped by Blue Mountain Cafe for quick bite and some coffee (blaming the fatigue on the altitude). On the way home was the most beautiful sunset. The clouds turned all shades of navy blue and peach and orange. I get so excited about things like that. I am thankful that Branden does too…and he doesn’t mind turning down side streets on a chase to find the perfect viewing spot.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar. Deal with it.

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