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Road Notes: Day 144

Branden’s day off #2 was thoroughly thrilling. Cleaning day! We really have ignored our RV and truck for quite some time now. We always had in the back of our mind that once we get to Taos, we can sit still for a minute and really get cleaned and organized. Today was that day, and it could not have waited much longer. Branden and I are collectors. It is practically impossible to pass up a thrift store, or to leave empty handed. We love old shit. Living in such a tiny home is not always conducive to our personalities. We have a good amount of storage considering how small our space is, and did a decent job of weeding out only the essentials when starting out. However, never having had this kind of lifestyle before made it difficult to predict exactly what we would need to bring a long. There are certainly some things that we just don’t need. In addition, we have collected a bit of stuff along the way. Time to reduce. We spent hours and hours cleaning out our cupboards, closets, and reorganizing our storage. It was boring but necessary.

When going through the cupboards, we did find lots of things that we had bought with the intention of making something with it. Today we did those things. We started a homemade amaro with a collection of Mexican herbs we bought in Florida. We made a chili powder with a bunch of chili peppers we bought in Texas. It was productive.

After all day of no-fun stuff, we took a drive to explore Taos Ski Valley. It was stunningly beautiful, and I could have had Branden pull off to the side of the road every two minutes to take pictures. Instead, we decided to put the cameras down for a bit and just enjoy the scenery. It is insane how hot it can be in Taos, then we drive 30 mins up the mountain and it is covered in snow. Mostly everything was shut down since it was Sunday (and also the end of ski season). It was eerie, but I enjoyed having what seemed like the entire town to ourselves. I also was reminded of how thankful I am for our truck. There were some seriously scary grades on unpaved, snowy roads. Large Marge pulled through, per usual.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar. Deal with it.

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