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Road Notes: Day 158

More day-off adventures. We checked out a new place for brunch called Gutiz. It is all super fresh, local, organic produce with a French flair. All breads are baked in house and damn was it good. The french toast and our coffees were amazing. While we were eating, we could see a few people setting up what looked to be a rummage sale in the parking lot next door. Of course we checked it out. The guy was telling us that he was moving to Florida and only taking what he could carry. He actually had a lot of really great stuff. We could have gotten far more. We left with a few knicknacks, a sweater, a shirt, and a mother haul of records. This certainly made up for yesterday. For a dollar each, I got Astral Weeks (which I have wanted for so long), Sgt. Pepper’s, Emmylou Harris, a few Graham Nash albums, Neil Young, etc. Not is perfect condition, buy they play well. When we were first preparing for this trip, I mentioned to Branden how the one thing that was going to make me sad about traveling is leaving all my records behind. I love the process of listening to a record, touching it, flipping it, looking at the album art. It is a different experience altogether. He then got me a compact battery-powered record player and I fell for him all over again. It has been a great companion in places with no electricity and no internet. So buying records now isn’t just for the collecting aspect, it legitimately gives us music when we have few other options.

After loading our haul, we headed to the Taos Pueblo. I have wanted to explore this place since we first arrived. I’ve seen pictures and done a little research and it is a piece of living history. The pueblo is three stories tall and has been inhabited by the Red Willow people continuously for over 1000 years. They allow visitors in certain parts of the pueblo and even give tours. Many of the buildings house little shops where you can buy handmade crafts, jewelry, art, baked goods, etc. We did the tour, which was totally worth it. The guide was really knowledgable and blunt about the atrocities her people have faced over the years. The most stark place at the pueblo was certainly the cemetery. She explained that during the Mexican-American war, American soldiers tried to overtake their land. The men stayed and fought off the troops while 150 women and children fled to the church for sanctuary. The American soldiers burned the church down, leaving no survivors. All that remains is the bell tower, which stands in the center of the cemetery, preserved as a memorial and a reminder. Many of the questions we asked she was not permitted to answer. Although they do allow visitors, the Red Willow people are still quite secretive about a lot of their history, culture, language, and religion. I admire that.

We headed home and decided to stop by the Rio Grand Gorge bridge along the way. We have driven over this bridge every day for the past month, but haven’t ever stopped to get a better view of the gorge. It is absolutely stunning. We could see herds of wild rams grazing on the steep cliffs and near the river. The depths of the gorge were juxtaposed by the huge surrounding mountains jutting into the sky. Growing up in Ohio, which is one flat piece of land, makes these landscapes so much more magical for us.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar. Deal with it.


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