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Road Notes: Day 157

Happy Earth Day! Happy Record Store Day! Happy March for Science!

So many cool things happening today. I dropped Branden off at class and took the truck so I could go into town to work and explore a bit. I went to Heads Up Records and rummaged through their entire selection. I found some good things, but not at the prices that I would like, so I didn’t leave with much. That’s certainly the nature of record collecting, in my experience. You can’t get your hopes up, otherwise it just won’t happen. It’s always when you least expect it that you find a good stash.

After the record store, I strolled through town, took some pictures, then settled in a coffee shop with my computer to get some work done. I sat down with my coffee, started doing some writing, and the employee sat down and had a phone conversation. I wasn’t mad about it because it was hilarious. He was trying to convince his friend to come to a party that night. It was a dance party and somebody was going to bring penguins. He insisted that real, live penguins would be there. Hello. Invite me. I love penguins.

The employee disappears, and I am left in silence for about ten minutes. A young kid walked in and asked me for a dollar. I was feeling jovial, thinking about penguins, so I gave him a dollar. He then goes and buys a soda and sits down. Right next to me. While I am typing. And starts a conversation. He asks me where I’m from and how old I am and how I meditate (?) and explains that I am doing it ALL WRONG. He is here studying meditation (guess it doesn’t pay well?) and this is how to do it. I need to focus on the ohm and write it on cardboard and look at it and focus on it. Thanks for the unsolicited advice? I continue to try to work and he asks, “oh sorry, am I bothering you?” I explain that I just have some editing that I am trying to work on, which I guess he heard as “no not at all please keep talking” and then goes on to recommend a list of books I should read. After thanking him for the advice, I ask if he practices yoga and mention how cool is it that Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa (the premiere Kundalini yoga teacher) is located here in Taos and my boyfriend is working on her house through the Earthship program. At the mention of ‘boyfriend’ he got super pissed and left. Not that I am complaining. The entire exchange was really bizarre and I still can’t believe that somebody that asked me for money followed up that exchange by trying to flirt, and was doing so by criticizing my meditation technique. Geeze. Neg much?

Later that night, I picked up Branden, we grabbed a bite to eat in town, and then headed to a RSD show. Lou, the Earthship plumber, is part of a band called Article 15, a punk-metal band. The whole Earthship crew was there to watch the performance and it was a great show. Kind of difficult to really dance in a tiny store full of delicate, breakable objects. They still kicked ass.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar. Deal with it.


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