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Road Notes: Day 175

We usually have a rule that we don't bother with the internet until after we've had our coffee (the news always makes us want to drink and we should at least have some caffeine first) but we ran out of propane just as the water started to heat up so we reached for our phones without the clear eyes of the living. Despair. Anger and despair. Naturally, everything was about the suspiciously-timed demise of FBI director Comey (a huge douche to be sure, but again, "suspiciously-timed" is understatement of the year).

We decided to head into town for a hot cup or three of coffee and maybe some breakfast to wash it all down. We headed to Taos Cow, a local standby for coffee and homemade ice cream that we found also serves a mean breakfast and has a damned appealing lunch menu that we haven't had the pleasure of trying yet (but the green chile philly is calling my name).

After breakfast we grabbed a single scoop of piñon* caramel in a waffle cone and took a stroll outside by the river as we each phoned our elected officials to demand the creation of an independent commission and special prosecutor tasked with the investigation of Russian interference in our elections. Ya know, Tuesday stuff.

We then dipped into a local mercantile shop which had the most amazing collection of old southwest magazines and postcards and image stills from early Hollywood movies about Native Americans but starring white people. We left with an embarrassing amount of southwest "indian" memorabilia which ironically made us feel very midwest.

Finally, we got those damned LP tanks filled and came home to make even more coffee and get some work done: her - video editing (from our highly misguided trip to stiltsville in Miami) and me - overhauling the website.

The mobile site really looked like 💩. Sorry guys. It's much better now.


*Piñon is a special type of pine tree that (as far as we've been told) only grows in the American Southwest. Its nut is a near-identical cousin of the pine nut we all know and love and pay out the nose for at Whole Foods. Apparently, piñon seeds are literally collected off the ground in these parts. We will be exploring that in the near future. They're fucking delicious.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar. Deal with it.

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