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Road Notes: Day 165

We are taking the day off for fun stuff, and have decided to explore Santa Fe a bit. Our list of things to do (in both Santa Fe and Taos) is getting longer by the day, and there is no way we can do everything we want. We left the house with the original plan of hitting up the Georgia O’Keeffe museum and Meow Wolf. However, we got a bit of a late start. We read, relaxed, made blueberry pancakes. On a side note, you should congratulate Branden. He has officially mastered the art of the pancake. Which is good, since I could eat blueberry pancakes every day until I die.

We left around 11 and almost enjoyed the ride there as much as the day itself. Could New Mexico be any more beautiful? It makes me want to puke with joy. Branden sang “Santa Fe” from Newsies the entire way there…it was his high school Drama Club audition song. He was pretty popular. We stopped for a bite at Lottaburger just outside of the city. One of the cool parts about traveling the country is trying regional food, and fast food is no exception. This chain was pretty good. The green chiles on the burger were a nice touch. We decided to just do Meow Wolf and skip the museum. This was a good move.

Meow Wolf is fantastic. It is often described as a children’s museum meets art installation. I would also add that it is an interactive mystery novel. It is essentially a house that is built inside of the Meow Wolf building. When you enter the house, you can go as in-depth into the story as you want. You can read and rummage through the diaries, planners, computer documents, safes, and mail…digging into the lives, mysteries, and explanations of this family. Or, if you don’t have several hours to spare, you can simply play in/with the house. You can crawl through the fridge, explore the backyard treehouse, and just whimsically discover the interactive installations. I recommend doing both. We read the documents quite in-depth. We are pretty sure we figured out the main plot line. It was fun being a voyeur. We would often split tasks. I read the planner while he read the newspapers. Then we reconvene and summarize our findings. Still, this took hours. Oh. But there is a bar. Take a drink break, then get back to mystery solving. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough. It was so unique and weird and inspiring. We loved it.

We hit up Maria’s afterwards for some traditional New Mexican fare. It has been around since the 50’s and is located inside of a sprawling, beautiful adobe building (but then again, what here isn’t?). The food was on point, and we even did an extremely reasonably priced tequila/mezcal tasting. The staff claims that when tequila first made it’s way into the US from Mexico, it came via Santa Fe, making it the first tequila town in America. Bravo.

Although we were exhausted, we hit up The Matador dive bar. It was located in Santa Fe proper, which made me really want to come back to explore more. It looks incredibly adorable, even after dark, when everything is closed up. The Matador was great. I had a local Hef (I don’t remember where from), and Branden ordered a Calvados, which was appropriately served in a miniature coke bottle glass. Perfect. Their DVD collection was impressive

The drive home was long and we did an audio French lesson to pass the time because we are très nerdy. Back to editing and the like tomorrow. This was a perfect day of exploration. We must go back to Santa Fe.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar. Deal with it.

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