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Road Notes: Day 192

First order of business: Christina and I catch up while Branden makes us breakfast. Blueberry pancakes with lemon curd, bacon, and eggs. We were very appreciative. And we all needed the energy too because we spent most of the day hiking. We weren’t quite up to the challenge of hiking Wheeler Peak, seeing as it takes 7 or 8 hours. We opted for a shorter, medium-difficulty trail called Williams Lake. It’s only about 4 miles round trip, but it is in Taos Ski Valley, amongst some pretty intense peaks. We gained about 1500 feet during the course of the trail.

The weather was perfect...75 and sunny. We set off to TSV and it gets cold. We hit the trailhead, and immediately the entire trail is covered in snow. This was a bit unexpected, and made the hike much more challenging and time consuming. We finally made it to the terminus, Williams Lake, which was quite remarkable. The lake was completely frozen over and surrounded by mountains.

Once we arrived back into the Ski Valley, we realized that The Bavarian, a restaurant that Branden and I had wanted to go to since we arrived, had finally reopened for the summer season. It was incredible….great beer, great food, and the decor really set it all off. Stuffed mountain animals, sheep skins, and German antiques adorned the large log building. We spent a long time eating and trying to regain feeling in our toes.

After showers, coffee, and much needed relaxation time, we hit the Adobe Bar for margaritas. The margarita is often abused and insulted, but when done well, it can be so perfect. The Adobe Bar doesn’t disappoint. After two drinks, we realized that everything in Taos was closed. This is such an early town. We opted to go back to the camper and make cocktails. Our fridge was stocked with leftover ingredients from our cocktail spree, so Branden, chivalrous as ever, hooked us up with a variety of libations (mostly tiki, per my request).

We hit the hay still full from our meal hours ago, buzzed on elaborate drinks, and with aching legs.

Road Notes are timed entries—written in thirty minutes or less at the end of each day. Considerations are made for spelling/legibility but not for grammar. Deal with it.

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