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Miami, FL: Stiltsville

Back in February (just after we returned from Cuba) we had a few days to kill in Miami. We had heard rumors of a "community" of homes built one mile off the coast of Miami in order to evade prohibition laws. Naturally, we investigated and found these rumors to be (more or less) true. You can see Stiltville, faintly, even from shore. Several of the structures, built on stilts (hence the name), were still standing but uninhabited and under threat of demolition at any moment. Despite having very little in the way of resources to get there, we decided that Stiltville was a place of such significance in the history of American drinking that not shotgunning a beer there would be nearly as disrespectful as, ya know, shotgunning a beer there (a tallboy no less). Also, like we said, it could be demolished at any moment!

Follow along as we try and fail and try again to pay proper tribute to this beacon of thirsty rebellion. Stilsville, this Bud's--well, you know.


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