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Road Notes: Day 277

Change of plans: we are guest bartending the Life is Shit festival. Last night at Poo Poo Palooza we met a band member from Dude City/Same Sex Mary who introduced us to the head of Bad Moon Booking who introduced us to the owner of Dive Bar who told us she loved our proposal and just forgot to tell us. We're stoked but this leaves us very little time to prepare in what is already a damn busy week. Anyhow, Shit Tiki finally gets to make its debut.

Here's the flyer for the Life is Shit festival, btw:

I just returned from the Kimo Cup bartending competition at Starboard Tack in honor of Mexican Independence Day. Fantastic bands, great cocktails, and free tacos. Nice time. Now I must clean my wreck of an RV and hopefully sketch a menu for Shit Tiki. Wish me luck (on both counts).


P.S. We booked our tickets for Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico City this morning! More on that later.

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