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Road Notes: Day 279

Yesterday we attended the 44th annual Las Vegas Greek Food Festival to film on behalf of Tastemade. We fucking adore Greek Festivals and this is one of the largest in the country. The first was in 1973 at the Stardust Hotel! We absolutely stuffed ourselves with lamb and baklava and coffee and beer and ouzo a repeat ad infinitum. We also finally got to try retsina--a 2000 year old Greek wine that had traditionally been stored in amphorae sealed with pine resin. A bit of the pine aroma would seep in and flavor the wine and, as happens with these sort of things, after a while people started to like it. Supposedly it's a great match for strongly flavored Mediterranean dishes. We were not immediate fans (it tasted a bit like a cleaning product) but we will reserve judgement until we try a higher quality example. On a similar note: you shouldn't judge all mead by the syrupy swill they serve at Renaissance Fairs. Anyhow, our footage should be up on Tastemade shortly. We'll post a link on the blog.

In other news, we are moving at breakneck pace to prepare Shit Tiki for the Life is Shit Festival. It will be ready. I have to go now and buy extra shaking tins and some squirt bottles. Bye.

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