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Gravy Cocktail CONTEST!

Help us get to 5K followers on Instagram!

If we meet our goal in the next 48hrs (i.e., by Jan. 30 @12am PT) we will make and consume KFC’s new lineup of gravy cocktails (all 3 of them) on Instagram Live. Yes, you read that right. We want to go out with a bang before we put our rolling bar into storage.

Additionally, we will randomly select one commenter to receive a postcard from our impending one-way trip to Mexico, including a personalized cocktail or punch recipe—formulated in consultation with you and based on your tastes and preferences (which may or may not include gravy).


To enter:

  1. Follow us on Instagram

  2. Tag 3 friends in a comment on our latest Instagram post

  3. Tell everyone you know so we can hit 5K! (optional but highly recommended)


Pro-tip: There’s no limit to how many times you can enter! Every 3 friends equals 1 submission.

You DO NOT have to be a new follower to enter.

If we meet our goal we’ll go Live on Instagram on Tuesday, Jan. 30 @3pm PT. The name of the postcard/cocktail recipe winner will be announced by Feb. 7.


P.S. Don’t have an Instagram account (and want to keep it that way) but still want to help out? Consider sharing this post on whatever social media profiles you have. Don’t have any social media profiles? Send an email. Send a fax. Send a raven. Everything is appreciated.

*Photo stolen from KFC. Don’t sue us. We don’t have any money.


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