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Cancun CEO Video II

A BIG thank you to all who voted for us during the first round of the Cancun CEO Search. Out of over 6,000 applications, we made it to the top 100 (!!!) and were selected to progress to the second round, which involved producing a second video touring your city (whatever city you were in at the time).

Unfortunately, we were not selected to progress any further. We were told by the judges (very graciously) that while they appreciated our quirky creativity that we were a touch too "edgy" for their brand. There are worse things, I suppose.

While we are disappointed not to have been chosen, we were grateful for the experience. We learned a lot. Also, now we have more time to dedicate to what we really love: ROTTEN JOURNAL!

Thank you all, again, for your continued support. We were one of the last teams to apply—meaning many of the others had a full month head start on voting—and yet, because of you, we made it to the top 100. That makes us feel some type of way. For real.

Anyhow, for shits and giggles, here's our second video. A big thank you to the establishments that allowed us to profile them (and to those who didn't know we were filming b/c it was expressly forbidden).

-Branden & Lauren

P.S. We are currently in discussions with the Cabo Tourism Board concerning a travel video series to be produced in early March. What's that little diddy about doors and windows?


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