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Best Bourbon Bar Ever?

A very educational chat with the impressively-bearded and incredibly-named Joe Head, co-owner and bartender at The Century Bar in downtown Dayton, Ohio. For those of you who don't know, this is the city where Lauren and I grew up and the bar at which we developed our first embryonic love affair with spirits. With over 300 whiskies on the backbar at any given time (largely dedicated to bourbon) and a staff made up entirely of well-versed aficionados, this place is a curious drinker’s paradise. Since leaving Ohio, Lauren and I have traveled extensively, separately and together, living in other cities and even other countries. Along the way we have learned a fair bit more about spirits than we could have ever dreamed back then. We’ve also picked up a few of our own industry credentials, but we will never, ever (I can assure you) outgrow The Century Bar. Every time we’re in town, it is a must-visit and it always reminds us just how little we actually know about whisk(e)y.

Editor’s note: this is the very first interview we booked, just after we decided to hit the road full-time documenting our exploration of beer, wine, and spirits. It was shot, mostly handheld, on an entry-level DSLR that was not so great with video, in lighting conditions that were about as bad as it gets, and with a jerry-rigged microphone that we had purchased the day before. We also knew dick about interviewing (hence the sweating and perpetual “mmm-hmm”). Needless to say, the resultant footage was a little embarrassing which is why we sat on it for nearly TWO YEARS!

Fast-forward to now: we’ve upgraded our equipment considerably (and learned to use it!) and even know a little about post-production. We sprinkled a little fairy dust from that latter skill and spliced in a little footage from our recent visit to Buffalo Trace to make something we hope is presentable. Let us know what you think!

A big, big thanks to Joe Head and all the other incredibly talented men and women at The Century Bar. You were generous with your time (and your whiskey) before we even had a business card. Our very real apologies for the wait. We were initially embarrassed by our unpolished footage. At this point we’re just embarrassed to have been disrespectful of your time. Again, please forgive us. We hope to have a drink or three there soon.

-Branden + Lauren


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