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Escape From Las Vegas

We spent a whole sweltering summer in Vegas once. Why? Because RV parks are dirt cheap in the off season and we were in the area. Also, ya know, it's Vegas. We were curious.

We did find the off-strip, seedy underbelly we were looking for (i.e., don't go to Vegas without talking to us first) but occassionally, we just needed to escape. Enter, Mt. Charleston—less than an hour's drive from the strip and located well above the kill-me-now-i'm-so-fucking-hot line. It's about 20-30 degrees cooler up here. In the winter it actually snows. Elevation, amirite? Also, it's breathtakingly beautiful. Also, it's free (provided you love dispersed camping, like we do).

Anyhow, here's a little peak at our time there. It's become one of our favorite camping spots in the country. Drop us a line for location details (or tips for finding free camping near you)!

P.S. This was shot, almost entirely, on an iPhone with very minimal color correction in post. The best camera is the one you've got on ya.



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