Geared toward industry professionals but useful, no doubt, to anyone who eats, drinks, or (especially) entertains.
Learn how to decant, how to perform proper Champagne service, how to pour a beer (from tap, bottle, or can), what glass to use when (and why), cleaning, rinsing, polishing, and giving good recommendations to your guests (be they patrons to your establishment, or your spouse's visiting relatives).
Know better. Be better.
Learn the fundamental theories behind food and drink pairings and discover how to pair almost anything by following a few basic principles.
Explore the differences between compliment and contrast, and the relative benefits of each.
Learn to trust your own instincts and to stop being intimidated by the wine list, the beer menu, or the obnoxious bartender.
Learn the the basics of blind tasting as taught by the Court of Master Sommeliers.
Understand IBUs and other beer-related flavor indicators
Discover why tannic is described as a texture  rather than a flavor and why most ratings systems are bullsh*t.
Learn the history of America's gift to the world of imbibing; the tools of the trade and how to use them; how to stock your home bar; how to prepare drinks for a crowd; how to make clear ice at home, etc., etc., etc.
Also includes recipes - both classic and original - including punchbowls, bitters, tinctures, syrups, cordials, tonics, shrubs and more.
Also includes instructions on creating your own original cocktails.